"there is no alternative to intelligent power"

Modular Power

50 kW to MW ARRAYS

~scalable on site~

Direct Deployment

No site construction or civil works required

Environmentally Sound 

Submerged and out of sight~ no pinch points


Base load power generation

Under 10 cents kWh

What is Volturnus?

A modular device that deploys directly into rivers, canals and oceans

What does it do?

Volturnus generates electricity and pumps water

Who are the customers?

Microgrids, remote and developing regions, NGO's


The advantages of using intelligent power.




Purpose Designed for

Rugged Reliability.



You've got questions? We've got answers here-



Volturnus, V-Pods

Volturnus is a modular hydropower device (MHP) that deploys directly into rivers, oceans and man-made canals; it uniquely harnesses the power in flowing water to generate base-load electricity-no civil works or subsidies required.  They can also pump and purify water.


5 Volturnus make a 50 kW "V-POD" and these can be deployed in arrays to reach MW capacity.



Our mission is to deploy V-POD's in rivers, canals and along the coasts to help power the planet.

Rugged. Reliable. Intelligent Power.

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