Power System Engineer

Verterra’s Power System Engineer is responsible for designing, testing, constructing, and operating power systems- bridging the gap between power generation and distribution. They will work with teams of outside engineers and scientists and report to the Product Development Director. Specific knowledge of generators, power electronics and grid connectivity is required. They must also be proficient in system diagnostics software and electrical systems monitoring in general. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills are essential, as well as communication skills to analyze, explain, and solve problems with power systems.

The PSE will collaborate with the Founder/Inventor and report directly to the Product Development Director. We are looking for an individual that can help drive our established IP into a commercially scalable product and expand their capabilities as the company grows.

The PSE must:

  • Demonstrate expertise in a variety of mechanical and engineering disciplines.

  • Rely on extensive experience and good judgment to outline objectives and measure key results.


  • Develop methods of integrating renewable power technology.

  • Ensure safe operation of power grids, pumps, generators, motors, etc.

  • Conceive, direct, implement, and evaluate efficiency of power systems.

  • Documentation of new hardware, test equipment, and assembly fixtures.

  • Reports to the Product Development Director

  • CAD as well as fabrication experience

Education | Required: bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics, or a related field

Experience | 5 years, preferable in the renewable energy space


  • Yearly salary + performance bonus

  • We have a substantial percentage of the company set aside for employee stock options

  • A chance to help a lot of people and change the way we generate electricity



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