Mass manufactured, scalable arrays on site

 in modular pods



Easy installation

Low maintenance


Rugged, hydrodynamic exoskeleton and self-clearing design

Volturnus in Action 2.png

Volturnus prototype in canal testing

  • 24/7 distributed, zero emission power generation

  • Deployable directly into Rivers, Oceans, and Canals

  • Scalable in arrays

  • Low profile, debris deflecting design

  • Environmentally sound, fish friendly

  • 5 Volturnus= 50 kW V-POD system


"New hydrokinetic technologies, if fully developed, have the potential to double the amount of hydropower production in the United States, bringing it from just below 10% to close to 20% of the national supply."


V-POD White 4.png

Continental scale Volturnus deployed along a coastal city


Volturnus BW 6.png

3 Meter Width

Volturnus BW 7.png

6 Meter Length

V-POD White 2.png

Microgrid scale Volturnus in an urban infrastructure 

V-POD White 1.png

Microgrid scale V-Pod deployed in a canal


Volturnus uniquely harnesses the power in flowing water, with efficiency close to the theoretically maxim possible "Betz Limit"


Utilizing the 24/7 availability of flowing water in rivers, canals and oceans, combined with a self-clearing design, V-Pods provide baseload electricity

V-Pods produce emission free, eletricity 24/7 giving them a huge advantage over similar wind and solar devices that can't produce reliable base load power.


V-PODs clustered mini arrays

Clustered mini arrays called "V-PODs" can be deployed in larger rivers and along the coasts from  50 kW to multi MWs

1/3 density per mile

4.4 MW Capacity

V-POD Clear 2.png
V-POD Clear 2.png
V-POD Clear 2.png

1/5 density per mile

2.65 MW Capacity

V-POD Clear 2.png
V-POD Clear 2.png


When will V-Pods be available for purchase?

We are developing a customer pipeline currently fpr the next 5 years. Please email us at to formally inquire.

Can I get a Volturnus to help power my house?

Our current focus is on large scale arrays, but we plan to develop a residental scale Volturnus in the future similar to the size of the prototypes in videos and pictures on the website.

How big is Volturnus?

Voluturns is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 1 meter tall, about the size of a small speed boat. It can deploy in less than 2 meters of water depth.

How does Volturnus generate electricity?

Just like a wind turbine turns in the wind, Volturnus spins in flowing water. As it spins, it turns a generator which is connected to a submerged power line that runs to the shore.