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 VOLTURNUS is a brand new way to harness the power of flowing water on our planet.

 It starts to generate electricity just by launching & submerging it into rivers, oceans and canals.

With the world's first hybrid-axis, it harnesses both the weight and velocity of water; in a rugged, hydrodynamic shape that resists clogging and jamming from debris. All of this enables zero-emission electricity 24/7 .

How does it work?

Why is it better than wind or solar?

What are it's advantages?

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1/4 meter diameter

For people without access to power

25w 12v

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3-meter diameter

For remote & developing regions

10 kW

Multi-MW Arrays

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8 meter diameter

For cites and power utilities

100+ kW

GW Scale Globally

Site Requirements



Volturnus uniquely harnesses the power in flowing water, with efficiency close to the theoretically maximum possible "Betz Limit"


Utilizing the 24/7 availability of flowing water in rivers, canals and oceans, combined with a self-clearing design, V-Pods provide baseload electricity


Each V-POD can produce up to 8,000 kWhs per week in ideal conditions. That's enough for 30 US homes!

Power Density
V-PODs clustered mini arrays

Clustered mini arrays called "V-PODs" can be deployed in larger rivers and along the coasts from  50 kW to multi MWs


At Verterra Energy, we're on a mission to harness the power in the world's rivers, canals and oceans. 

Make something that matters - let's create a sustainable future together - come join the mission:

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