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 VOLTURNUS is a brand new way to harness the power of flowing water on our planet.

 It starts to generate electricity just by launching & submerging it into rivers, oceans and canals.

With the world's first hybrid-axis, it harnesses both the weight and velocity of water; in a rugged, hydrodynamic shape that resists clogging and jamming from debris. All of this enables zero-emission electricity 24/7 .

How does it work?

Why is it better than wind or solar?

What are it's advantages?

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1/4 meter diameter

For people without access to power

25w 12v

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3-meter diameter

For remote & developing regions

10 kW

Multi-MW Arrays

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8 meter diameter

For cites and power utilities

100+ kW

GW Scale Globally

Site Requirements



Volturnus uniquely harnesses the power in flowing water, with efficiency close to the theoretically maximum possible "Betz Limit"


Utilizing the 24/7 availability of flowing water in rivers, canals and oceans, combined with a self-clearing design, V-Pods provide baseload electricity


Each V-POD can produce up to 8,000 kWhs per week in ideal conditions. That's enough for 30 US homes!

Power Density
V-PODs clustered mini arrays

Clustered mini arrays called "V-PODs" can be deployed in larger rivers and along the coasts from  50 kW to multi MWs

  • When will V-Pods be available for purchase?
    We are developing a customer pipeline currently for the next 5 years. Please email us at to formally inquire.
  • Can I get a Volturnus to help power my house?
    Our current focus is on large scale arrays, but we plan to develop a residental scale Volturnus in the future similar to the size of the prototypes in videos and pictures on the website.
  • How big is Volturnus?
    Voluturns is 6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 1 meter tall, about the size of a small speed boat. It can deploy in less than 2 meters of water depth.
  • How does Volturnus generate electricity?
    Just like a wind turbine turns in the wind, Volturnus spins in flowing water. As it spins, it turns a generator which is connected to a submerged power line that runs to the shore.
  • How does Volturnus work?
    The same way a windmill is designed to harness wind, Volturnus is purposed designed to harness the power in flowing water. And its deployed in modular arrays just like solar panels.


At Verterra Energy, we're on a mission to harness the power in the world's rivers, canals and oceans. 

Make something that matters - let's create a sustainable future together - come join the mission:

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