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Verterra Energy is reimagining how to harness the power of flowing water on our planet. Our mission is to empower people with the energy they need to create the future they want, while preserving the environment we all . 


Revolutionizing Clean Energy Production

At Verterra Energy, We believe energy should propel us all forward in a sustainable way.


That's why inventor & founder Ted Christopher set off on a journey to reimagine how to harness the power in flowing water with out building a dam. 

The big question:


"Can we combine the mass production of solar panels with the 24/7 power generation of hydropower into one device?"

Verterra Star Tribune_edited.jpg

Founder Ted Christopher with a half-meter diameter scale Volturnus Prototype in 2016

Our Journey So Far


The first idea

Inventor and founder Ted Christopher starts working in a high-tech machine shop in San Diego, CA on a clean sheet design.  A passion for social responsibility and renewable energy inspired him to create a device that could make a real difference in the world. ​



Proof of Concept

After building a small test tank, Ted spent the next year experimenting with different shapes and configurations.  Nearly a year of trail and error lead to a shape that addressed three important issues: resistance to clogging and jamming, a low profile so it could go in shallow water, and sizing it right so Volturnus could be mass produced on an assembly line.


It Takes an Extraordinary Team to Accomplish an Extraordinary Mission


St. Paul, MN

We're seeking an Electrical Engineering Manager with a broad range of experience including power electronics,  distribution as well as micro electronics. The ideal candidate will be proficient in electrical system design and analysis, including generator electronics and energy storage systems.

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