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Verterra films for Innovation Nation on CBS- Again!

It's been 5 years since our first episode aired and we are thrilled to do a follow-up episode for the award winning show.

Verterra has come a long ways in the past half decade, but its certainly not been a liner path; in this episode we talked about overcoming obstacles and the importance of building a great team- no one does it alone!

Innovation Nation airs Saturday mornings on CBS, check your local listings, and look for our episode in the spring!

Verterra is on a mission to harness the power of flowing water in rivers, oceans and canals to produce abundant clean, reliable power for all the world’s people.

Visualization of Volturnus

Volturnus is a vertical axis turbine that uniquely harnesses the power of flowing water by combining the working principles of centrifugal pumps & hydrofoils with a rugged, hydrodynamic design. Similar to an underwater 3D weather vane, VOLTURNUS works in harmony with the current to dynamically adjust once deployed. When installed in modular arrays or V-PODS, the technology creates scalable, low cost power from 50 kW to multi-MW arrays.

Based in St. Paul, MN Verterra is funded by mission driven investors and is currently collaborating with the USACE on a strategic microgrid project in the US.

Phone: 651-315-8884


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