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From the aqueducts of the Roman Empire, through water mills in the Renaissance, to the modern day Hoover Dam, the abundance of flowing water as a renewable source of kinetic energy has always been unparalleled on our planet. The problem is finding an environmentally friendly and economically viable way of harnessing this power without the construction of a dam or other major infrastructure; as these tend to cost millions of dollars, take multiple years to complete and cannot be installed in remote areas where populations could greatly benefit from predictable, renewable electricity.


The Verterra Turbine System is the unique answer needed to solve this problem. The Turbines can be deployed in fully developed urban areas as well as remote, rural environments that may lack the infrastructure required to produce and transmit electricity.

Verterra Video

Verterra Energy Inc. presents the Verterra Turbine * Click on the Turbine above to watch*

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Verterra Energy, Inc.
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Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612-349-9865

What's New

Fabrication of new prototypes at multiple scales begins

March, 2015


3 foot diameter prototype testing completed

September, 2014


Fabrication of a 3 foot diameter prototype

Jan, 2014


Verterra Energy, Inc. was awarded a second US Utility Patent

Turbine System & Method

Issued Jan 7, 2014


Verterra Energy, Inc. exhibits at the midwest Clean Tech Open

October 17, 2013


Verterra Energy, Inc. was awarded a 43 claim US Utility Patent

Turbine System & Method

United States US 8,487,468 B2

Issued July 16, 2013


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