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Verterra films for Innovation Nation on CBS  June 2016


Verterra partners with Binsfeld Engineering to test Volturnus in the field April  2016


Verterra adds a Chief Engineer from Boeing and Medical Device CEO to Advisor Board

March 2016


Verterra featured in leading 3D printer case study

March 2016


Star Tribune Article

Minneapolis start-up wants to install small-scale hydropower without the need for dams

January 2016


Field Testing completed:

Results show Volturnus has power efficiency of over 30%.

October 2015


New Zeland Patent :

Turbine System and Method


September 2015


3rd round of cfd testing completed

June 2015


"There is no alternative to intelligent power"


The advantages of  using intelligent power.



Purpose Designed for

Rugged Reliability.



You've got questions? We've got answers here-


"Volturnus" from Verterra Energy, Inc. is intelligent power. It uniquely harnesses the untapped energy of rivers to produce electricity efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our mission is to provide distributed, renewable energy where its most needed- in remote and developing regions. We believe the best way to help others is to give them the power to determine their own destiny.


Deployed in "V-Pods" of 5, Volturnus is purpose designed for rugged reliability in rivers.  It deflects debris in the water and prevents clogging and jamming;  ensuring optimal, around-the-clock, energy production for up to 40 average US households. Its simple and rugged components are also designed to be ultra-low maintenance, for years of reliable performance.


The low-profile, purpose-built design allows Volturnus to sit below the river's surface, keeping it out of sight for silent, seamless operation.


Volturnus is also environmentally sound and adaptable.  It is safe for aquatic life and can be used in heavily- populated urban environments, developing regions, or in remote areas with no existing infrastructure; providing a global reach.


It requires no damming or river diversion, and with its low profile, can quickly be deployed in shallow water close to the shore- where the power is needed.


Rugged. Reliable. Intelligent Power.

Volturnus V-Pod System:

  • 24/7 zero emission, distributed power generation, 50 kW
  • Rugged reliability, purpose designed, self clearing
  • Completely submerged and out of sight
  • Fish friendly and environmentally sound
  • Ultra low maintenance, long life
  • Low profile enables deployment in shallow waters
  • Base load power 

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