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Perseverance and Providence

Ted Christopher, San Diego 2009

A decade ago today, was my first day in a high-tech machine shop in San Diego, CA. A long way from home in Minnesota, I had come out west to invent a device that could generate electricity from flowing water and provide zero emission power to people everywhere- I had no idea how hard it would be, and that's a good thing.

I was not successful at first, or at second or third, but continued experiments and observations led to one improvement and then another, until one day many years later, there was a working prototype in the water that met all the original criteria: have a low profile so it can fit in rivers and canals; be self-clearing in operation so it won’t clog and jam and stop working. And lastly, and most importantly, generate affordable power. “Volturnus”(named after the ancient Roman God of rivers) was the first mass producible, modular hydro device that solved the major market problems and could give us a real shot at helping the world get to 100% renewable e