Volturnus V-Pod Advantages

Volturnus V-Pod System:

  • 24/7 zero emission, distributed power generation, 50 kW
  • Rugged reliability, purpose designed, self clearing
  • Completely submerged and out of sight
  • Fish friendly and environmentally sound
  • Ultra low maintenance, long life
  • Low profile enables deployment in shallow waters
  • Base load power 

Above is direct comparison with other run of the river devices.  Cumulatively, Verterra’s design is superior because of its low profile, rugged design that resists clogging and jamming better than other technologies.


  • Low profile: defined by a device with diameter that is larger than the minimum depth needed to deploy. This greatly expands the locations a device can be deployed.

  • Open System: No funnels or tube frame structure surrounding the turbine component. An enclosed turbine is much more susceptible to clogging and jamming.

  • Fin Crossing: Where a blade of the turbine crosses a strut or other stationary structure perpendicular to the direction of water flow. These areas are highly susceptible to clogging and jamming.

  • Protected or shielded blades: Turbine is a unitary structure.  Thin blades exposed to debris are likely to be damaged or destroyed.
  • Enclosed Surface: No exposed struts, all equipment contained internally in a hydrodynamic shape.  Minimizes debris build up on the device.



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