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Technology Marketing Leader and Entrepreneur joins Verterra Energy


MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 4th – Verterra Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that technology entrepreneur Josh Jagdfeld has joined our Advisory Board.

Josh Jagdfeld

Early in his career, Josh co-founded and was Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Intermedia Systems Group, a large format commercial audiovisual design, acoustic consulting, and systems implementation firm in Minneapolis, MN. After seven years and a successful exit, Josh continued his work as a Regional Business Sales Manager for Apple Inc. for the next five years.

“We live in a time where science and technology have brought us so far, but we’re at the doorstep of the next big energy revolution." Josh continued, "I’m so excited to be a part of helping the Verterra team unlock the true potential of modular water technology.”

Currently, Josh is serving as the Director of Marketing at Jamf, recognized by Inc. as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, where he has been a leader of key strategic partner relationships with some of the world’s most valuable technology brands. He also leads the vertical product and partner marketing teams across Jamf’s portfolio of products, apps, and services.

"Josh understands marketing from both the entrepreneur's and an iconic brand's perspective." Verterra founder Ted Christopher continued, "We're grateful to have his help in crafting how we introduce Volturnus to the world and how it solves the problems that have so far stopped other technologies from harnessing the power in flowing water".

Josh is a certified Pragmatic Institute marketing alumni, and is also a volunteer coach for Minneapolis United FC.
Verterra was founded in 2010 with a mission to harness the power of flowing water in rivers, oceans and canals to produce abundant clean, reliable power for all the world’s people.

Volturnus is a simple and elegant device that, when submerged in moving water, generates electricity. When deployed in “V-Pods” of 5, they create scalable power from 50 kW to multi- MW arrays.

Based in Minneapolis, MN Verterra is funded by mission driven investors and is currently setting up commercial deployment projects in the US.

For more information please visit our website:

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