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Former GE Hybrid Power Director joins Verterra's Advisory Board

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Verterra Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ricky Buch has joined our Advisory Board. His expertise in microgrids and hybrid power systems brings valuable insights to Verterra as it develops international projects for its MHP (modular hydro power) technology Volturnus.

Ricky Buch

Ricky worked at GE Power for nearly 8 years, most recently as the Commercial Director for Energy Access and Hybrid Distributed Power. In this role, he helped structure several off-grid electrification deals around the world, including one which would provide electricity to several hundred off-grid villages in Indonesia. Prior to launching GE’s energy access efforts, Ricky was involved with numerous other strategic imperatives at GE, including founding and launching GE Current, facilitating development of the H-class gas turbine, and partnering with the World Economic Forum on the Future of Electricity.

CNN featured GE's container power system in a recent video report

Ricky also has been working with other public-sector stakeholders to introduce and disseminate transformative ideas, including partnering with the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program at the World Bank, and launching a project with the MIT Energy Initiative to use geospatial analysis to design an electrification program in Nigeria. Prior to joining GE, Ricky worked for Microsoft Corp. He has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Verterra was founded in 2010 with a mission to harness the power of flowing water in rivers, oceans and canals to produce abundant clean, reliable power for all the world’s people.

Volturnus is a simple and elegant device that, when submerged in moving water, generates electricity. When deployed in “V-Pods” of 5, they create scalable power from 50 kW to multi- MW arrays.Based in Minneapolis, MN Verterra is funded by mission driven investors and is currently setting up commercial deployment projects in the US.

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