Control System Engineer

St Paul, MN, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Verterra Energy Inc is seeking an engineer with experience in control system theory, design and system implementation. The ideal candidate’s background may include experience with electrical and electronic systems, software development and the use of commercial software tools and instrumentation in the context of control systems.

In this role, the engineer will work alongside other engineering team members and assume responsibility for the development of onboard control systems and sensor platforms for the Volturnus and related peripheral systems. This will require the identification of appropriate solutions and technologies that will be included in mission-critical systems, following a proven design, engineer, simulate & test methodology, and enabling the development of robust control and monitoring systems for commercial modular hydro products. Volturnus control systems will have the ability to interface with external control systems and function seamlessly in a centralized controller environment such as in a microgrid application.

Control systems will be used to interact with a Volturnus in both single device and multiple device installations. These interactions may be event driven, such as shutdown or maintenance modes for MRO activities, or they may be in response to external events that require a device to be stopped. This could be within the electrical domain only (within the generator) or an electro-mechanical system that is actuated remotely and activates an on-board mechanical system.

In addition to control systems, Verterra Energy’s modular hydro devices will be equipped with condition and performance monitoring capabilities as an essential part of commercial applications, that will provide a means of performance monitoring and for the capture the service-life data at single and multi-device sites. This will require the identification of appropriate sensor technologies and instrumentation, leading to the development of a complete sensing system in order to monitor and respond to performance data and conditional inputs.


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

· Development of automation and control systems using approaches that range from industry standard to new and novel.

· Development of onboard environmental and health monitoring systems, including data acquisition.

· Advancing Verterra Energy’s subsea-grade sensor and control system integration capabilities in pursuit of robust, long-term system operation.

· Field work for control system, sensor and data acquisition system testing and validation.

· Advancing the ability for Verterra Energy’s modular hydro power systems to produce reliable electrical power with minimal operator intervention.

Personal Qualifications

  • Curious, proactive, and results-driven team player

  • Can find structure in complex situations by utilizing strong communication skills to guide the team through your planning

  • Understands that a certain amount of groundwork (document control, follow up for planning updates, administrative tasks, etc.) is part of the job and project success

  • Performs well in a fast-paced and dynamic environment

Professional Qualifications

  • BS or MS in electrical engineering, electro-mechanical systems, robotics or computer science with an appreciable level of practical industry experience

  • Relevant experience in engineering, R&D, and/or new product development, preferably in a field where you have experience that prepared you for this job (e.g., in engineering, construction, innovation, ship-building, maritime industry, etc.)

  • Familiarity with MIL-Specs, NEMA and other industry standards are a plus.

  • Fluent in English

  • US Citizen or US Work Visa

This is a hands-on position, so the candidate will be equally at ease in the field, machine shop or behind a desk working virtually or directly with hardware and instruments. Fabrication, prototyping and testing will be routine activities.

About the Company

Verterra Energy is on a mission to harness the power in the world’s rivers, canals and oceans.

To accomplish this, we are commercializing our first device called VOLTURNUS, a pioneering waterpower technology that deploys in harmony with the current to dynamically adjust to water direction, velocity and depth.

We are building an extraordinary team to accomplish this important mission. Verterra Energy is funded through a multiyear DoD contract in collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers.