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What's New

"Architect of Defense" Award

February 2017


Former Tesla Director of Communications joins the Advisory Board January 2016


Innovation Nation on CBS  October 2016



Verterra completes field testing of generation III Volturnus Prototype

July 2016


Verterra partners with Binsfeld Engineering to test Volturnus in the field April  2016


Verterra adds a Chief Engineer from Boeing and Medical Device CEO to Advisor Board

March 2016


Verterra featured in leading 3D printer case study

March 2016


Star Tribune Article

Minneapolis start-up wants to install small-scale hydropower without the need for dams

January 2016


Field Testing completed:

Results show Volturnus has power efficiency of over 30%.

October 2015


Volturnus performance and development

What is it?


"Volturnus" is a vertical axis turbine that is protected by a "rampart" to shield it from debris.  When installed, it is completely submerged and out of sight.  Volturnus can be deployed in rivers, oceans and man-made canals.  It is installed in "pods” with five units, or in large "farms" numbering in the hundreds of units.   Each V-POD has a 50 kW capacity, with farms achieving multi-megawatt output.


And because of its low profile design, Volturnus is only a meter tall- meaning it can be deployed in shallow waters.


What does it do?


Volturnus uses power of flowing water to generate electricity,  with minimal impact on the environment.  The patented design allows it to operate effectively in lower speed flows and shallower water, where conventional horizontal turbines cannot. 


Who are the Customers?


Verterra Energy, Inc. customers  are project developers looking to reduce the cost to produce energy in remote or pre-industrialized areas. These include: military bases, remote telecommunications sites, non-governmental organizations, foreign governments, and the U.S. government working with developing countries seeking to install their first renewable power systems.   

Building the Volturnus Prototype

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