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Verterra Energy, Inc.
333 Washington Ave. N.
Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612-349-9865


Email: info@verterraenergy.com

What's New

"Architect of Defense" Award

February 2017


Former Tesla Director of Communications joins the Advisory Board January 2016


Innovation Nation on CBS  October 2016



Verterra completes field testing of generation III Volturnus Prototype

July 2016


Verterra partners with Binsfeld Engineering to test Volturnus in the field April  2016


Verterra adds a Chief Engineer from Boeing and Medical Device CEO to Advisor Board

March 2016


Verterra featured in leading 3D printer case study

March 2016


Star Tribune Article

Minneapolis start-up wants to install small-scale hydropower without the need for dams

January 2016


Field Testing completed:

Results show Volturnus has power efficiency of over 30%.

October 2015

About the Verterra Logo

The Verterra Logo was inspired by the moon, earth and sun. The “tidal power” of ocean currents is driven by gravity from the moon, and the sun’s rays heating the earth. Verterra thinks the symbolism of these planetary bodies in the logo, along with the company colors of tranquil blue and power orange, help to encompass the renewable energy mission our company is dedicated to achieving.


There are also squares, circles and a triangle(forced perspective from the spheres) present in the design, which represent ancient and tribal symbols for the moon, earth and sun. Some artistic license is taken with the sizes, positioning, and orientation to create a simple, yet instantly recognizable icon.

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