Verterra's development in the early days

Generation I Vortex Video

Two foot diameter Turbine under construction in San Diego, CA

Milestones to Date


Over the past 5 years there have been many notable events in Verterra Energy’s development. Below are some of the major milestones:


US Design Patent


United States US D652,794 S

Issued January 24, 2012


US Utility Patent

Turbine System & Method

United States US 8,487,468 B2

Issued July 16, 2013

Foreign Filings in 8 countries + EU

Filed May 2013, based on US Utility Patent

Fabrication of a 2 foot diameter “Bench top” Turbine

Field tested in the Mississippi River

3 Major Generations of optimization

Scaled prototypes built and tested in the real world


“Tier 1” Technology at the Defense Alliance/ Advanced Power & Energy Cluster

Networking with key officials and potential projects

Building an experienced “Board of Advisors”

Experienced individuals who have been consulting as Verterra progresses

3 Rounds of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)simulations


MN DNR Letters

2 Key officials

3 News Articles

Pertaining to Verterra Energy, Inc. and  Volturnus

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